About RSP

full service planning consultant

RSP & Associates, LLC is unique to the many other planning firms. We strive to foster and enhance the business relationships with the clients we work for to ensure continued success with the products we provide each entity.

Most importantly, it is not enough to just provide sound information because RSP does not want the information to become laden with dust as many plans tend to, but rather assist the client in finding funding sources to implement the plan. Without sound data, public input, approved plans, and funding to implement the plan the community will not be able to realize the vision... Read More


RSP is committed to providing school districts high quality services that will assist them in making objective decisions for the education of their students.


Proven forecasting techniques are integrated with new technologies to create statistical analysis that is 98% accurate.

RSP's professional staff has the knowledge and experience to communicate the information to patrons, administration, and the Board of Education.

Do you need bond planning?

Is your district experiencing enrollment change?

Is your district closing or opening a facility?

Will there be economic changes in your community that effect student population?

Does your district need a Master Plan to plan for the future?

RSP can answer these questions and more. RSP assists educational institutions in making sound planning decisions for the benefit of all their students.